“Glitter Drop” has arrived ✨

Want to add some glitter to your inks?

We are happy to announce the release of three different glitter additives for our inks ✨

“Gold drop” with gold glitter

“Silver drop” with silver glitter

“Crystal drop” with transparent glitter

These are independent 5ml bottles of glitter that can be mixed with both dye based inks and pigment based inks.  Each come with their own dropper for mixing your own concoction. 

Bottles of “Gold drop” and “Sliver drop” are ¥660 (JPY), while “Crystal drop” is slightly more at ¥770 (JPY).

We have also begun selling empty heel-shaped bottles for ¥1,100 (JPY). 

The Glitter drop and empty heel-shaped bottles can only be purchased as a set with a bottle of BUNGUBOX original ink. 

Imagine the possibilities of creating your very own glitter ink using your favorite BUNGUBOX inks.

These are being offered as add-on purchase options to all of our original inks.  Please see details on the product pages of our inks.

※ Please use glitter inks with glass pens or dip pens.  

※ Please read the instructions carefully to make sure you handle these additives properly.

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