June ink sale!

This June, we are running a promotion on two of the inks we released back in 2010!

First off, June bride Something blue

This is a beautiful blue ink, known as Blue Orient, that we released back on May 28, 2010.
It is said that happiness will come if a bride wears something blue on her wedding day.  And since Juno, the wife of Jupiter in Roman mythology, is the guardian goddess of marriage, a bride who gets married in June is said to be blessed with extra happiness. 
This ink was created by combining these two precious words.
The beautiful light Blue Orient color is still a one of our most popular inks.

Original bottle design in 2010


Secondly, Melancholic Gray (but…)

Melancholic Gray is a gray ink that we released back on June 24, 2010. 
It's a color between the traditional Japanese colors "Fukagawa Nezu" and "Sunezu".
June is the rainy season in Japan. The rainy season lasts for many weeks, and it is hard not to feel down when you keep seeing the gray sky every day.
This ink, Melancholic Gray, expresses this sad gray color. However, no matter how bad the weather is, we must not forget that the sun will eventually come up and cheer us up again! That is why the name includes the “(but…)” at the end.
This is a gray ink with a tinge of green -  a gray ink with hope for a sunnier tomorrow!

Original bottle design in 2010


From now until 6/29, each of these inks will be sold for 500 JPY off!

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