Commemorating the 10th anniversary of BUNGUBOX

In February of 2022, BUNGUBOX has reached 10 years of being in business.

As our 19th anniversary year, we will be releasing a seriese of commemorative products.

Our very first release is...

- Mikkabi Mandarin Orange -

In February 2022, BUNGUBOX, Co. Ltd has released a fountain pen featuring a local specialty, the Mikkabi mandarin orange, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our founding!

As part of our 10 year anniversary, we here at BUNGUBOX wanted to do something to celebrate our birthplace, Hamamatsu City.  The obvious choice was the Mikkabi Mikan, a well-loved brand of mandarin oranges that Hamamatsu is famous for.  

Upon presenting the plan to the Mikkabi farmers association, we obtained the rights to reuse their well-known logo, and took this design to Sailor Fountain Corporation to have the "Mikkabi Mandarin Orange" pen made.

Mikkabi mandarin oranges, especially the Wase varaety, have a rich juicy flavor with the right balance of sweetness and tartness.  With a shortend harvest period between November and December, these delicious oranges fly off the store sleves and are usually sold out by early December.   We wanted to create a fountain pen just as cherished as these Hamamatsu born rarities, and that is how this collaboration was born.  

This fountain pen has the following four features. 

1. The color of the barrel is the juicy orange of a mandarin. 

2. The nib is engraved with a mandarin flower. 

3. The finial of the pen is white like the flower of a mandarin orange, with a Raden inlay of a round orange slice.  

4. The box for the pen was made of cardboard to represent an actual box of oranges.  The use of the actual Mikkabi Mikan logo adds an extra touch of reality to the representation of the orange crate.


Along with the release of the "Mikkabi Mandarin Orange" fountain pen, we are reviving our Mandarin Orange ink!  Don't miss this combo!

Mikkabi Mandaring Orange, the foundain pen

Price 48,400 yen (inc. tax) for nib sizes EF・F・MF・M・B

50,600 yen (inc. tax) for nib sizes Z・MS

Initial production run:120

Mandarin Orange Ink

Price 3,300 yen (inc. tax)

Initial production run: 100 bottles