Welcome to the world of Alice in Wonderland!

Welcome to the world of BUNGUBOX × Alice in Wonderland!


Thanks to your popular support, "Magic of Alice 2021" was sold out within 12 hours of it’s pre-sale.  Since it was sold out before many people around the world even had a chance to check their e-mails, we have decided to have an additional production run of this product.  Please sign up to our mailing list for more information on the pre-order details and product availability expectations. 

Thank you very much for your support and we appreciate your patience!


Magic of Alice 2021

Magic of Alice, based on the story of “Alice in Wonderland”, was a show-limited pen we first released at the 2019 Tokyo International Pen Show to great fanfare.

We are happy to announce an updated release of this pen with an all-new finial.
The basic color scheme, light blue and white, is based on Alice's dress.

The clip, cap ring, and nib are IP gold plated to match Alice's blond hair. 

The nib is engraved with the key to the small door that appears in the story, and the cap ring is engraved with "Magic of Alice" along with the suit of playing cards.

The finial is finished with Maki-e and Raden inlay representing the beautiful geometric shapes you see when you look into a kaleidoscope.
Like getting lost in the world of Alice,
I hope the “Magic of Alice” will take you on a magical jouney!

* We have decided to make an additional production run of this pen.
We will be announcing the pre-order timeline shortly.  Please sign up for our mailing list to receive the details.  Thank you for your support and patience!



Alice in Wonderland

The land that Alice wandered into while chasing the white rabbit was truly a wonderland!
There were animals and plants who talked.
There was a potion that made her bigger and smaller.
There were playing card soldiers and the Queen of Hearts... etc, etc.
We recreated the whimsical chaos of that magical world on a Sailor Profit Jr. demonstrator with printed illustrations.

Look carefully, and you will even find the BUNGUBOX logo!
With its reasonable price and its environmentally friendly cute paper packaging, it is a great entry level fountain pen for yourself or as a gift!




Tears of Alice

In the story "Alice in Wonderland".
Alice drinks a magic potion that turns her into a giant.
Alice is so sad that she cries and her tears engulf her like the ocean.
The color of this ink is inspired by those tears of Alice.
Watch her turquoise tears pour out onto the page through your pen.
A great complement to our Alice pens!