Enshu Mentsumugi Plaid Pattern Pen Roll - Double Nine

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Handcrafted “Enshu Mentsumugi” pen roll for 5 pens

This is a pen roll made of natural cotton fabric, fully sourced and woven locally in Hamamatsu city (the home of BUNGUBOX!)  using the technique handed down for generations since the Edo period.  This functional and stylish pen roll can hold four fountain pens, one slim ballpoint pen, and miscellaneous small items in the pocket at the end. The outer fabric is made of Enshu cotton, and the inner fabric is made of cotton velvet to gently protect the writing instruments. It is also filled with cotton for an extra layer of soft protection. The large pocket at the end can hold ink cartridges and various other small items.  A perfect accessory for any fountain pen lover!

Enshu cotton is traditionally made of straight stripes, but this new design adds a cross-weave to create a new plaid design.

【99 - Double Nine】

In Japan, September 9th on the lunar calendar is known as the festival of the chrysanthemum.  Chrysanthemums are said to represent long life and good health.  The yellow stripes of this design represent the chrysanthemum, with 9 strings used to pay respect to this auspicious festival.  The designer wishes that this pattern will bring health and long life to all of your loved ones.

【Product Details】
Material: Enshu cotton plaid pattern (100% cotton), cotton padding, velvet inlay,
a custom-made black-lip oyster shell ring on the string.
Size: approx. 260mm (width) x 185mm (height), length of the cord: approx. 420mm