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[SAILOR] Traditional Lacquer Art "Rei" Wajima Tame-nuri Fountain Pen

[SAILOR] Traditional Lacquer Art "Rei" Wajima Tame-nuri Fountain Pen

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Lacquer-coated fountain pen series Traditional lacquerware "Rei" first edition.

“Tame-nuri” is a vermillion-lacquered surface that is finished with transparent lacquer (clear lacquer).
Through the transparent lacquer, the colors inside look dull and subdued, adding to the depth.
It is a book that shines as you use it.


[Lacquer Craftsman]
Masanori Sumi
40 years of Wajima lacquerware. Became an apprentice at a lacquer workshop in the 1970s,
From the preliminary work of the manufacturing process of Wajima lacquer, which is said to have more than 100,
Undercoating, intermediate coating, top coating, polishing and all technical processes
One of the few craftsmen to learn.
Currently, he is active as a skilled technician who can handle any work process.
Continued devotion to the craft to the present


[Packaging made in Japan]
The box is said to be the most suitable material for storing lacquer products, which uses fine-grained domestic paulownia wood with a solid and durable cord.

The pen sleeve is handmade from silk kimono fabric.
It has a pleasant feel and is suitable for storing fountain pens.


(Quoted from Sailor Fountain Pen official website)

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