【ZODIAC/天秤座 (Libra)】

【ZODIAC/天秤座 (Libra)】

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[ZODIAC / Libra] 9/23 ~ 10/23

Libra with outstanding aesthetic and balance

The lucky color of the fountain pen is navy blue

There are 12 constellations in the Zodiac, the path of the sun seen from the earth.
With this ZODIAC as a motif, I chose it based on the lucky color of each constellation.
Original fountain pen series

[Base Model] Sailor Pen Professional Gear Slim Mini
[Nib] Pen tip: 14K rhodium-plated character width; EF / F / MF / M / B / Z / MS
[Size] Length: Approximately 106 mm (when stored) / Approximately 135 mm (when writing)
Body shaft diameter: Approximately 12mm Cap diameter: Approximately 14mm (excluding clips) Maximum diameter: Approximately 17mm (including clips) Weight: 16.8g
[Mechanism] Both ink cartridge and converter
[Engraving] Pen tip: Symbol mark of each constellation (laser engraving)
Cap ring: ZODIAC letters and 10 celestial symbol marks (laser engraving) 
[Metal part] Silver finish
[Barrel] BUNGUBOX original lame color
[Included in Packaging] 2 ink cartridges blue black, product manual, warranty card
     * With mini converter for ZODIAC
[Price] 19,200 yen (excluding tax)
First time limited 100