FAQ for International Orders

Q.How long does it usually take to ship my order

A.We aim to ship out your order within 5 days of receiving payment.  If for any reason there is a delay, we will send you an email.


Q. Is it possible to cancel my order?

A.  If the order has not been shipped, it is possible to cancel your order.

It is also possible to modify your order as long as you contact us before shipment.  Please understand that any modification is only possible if there is available inventory.


Q. Is it possible to return or exchange my order?

A. Returns and exchanges are only possible for unused products, and within one week of receipt.  The customer will be responsible for any shipping and processing fee involved in the return.  However, if you hapeen to receive a product with a defect, we will pay for any shipping and handling.  Please contact us to arrange for the shipping, and we will refund you the cost within 5 days of shipment.

Refundable defects include the following:

  • Upon openning the package, there was a clear scratch or a broken part. (Please send photo)
  • The product as received is unusable.


Q. Who is responsible for the loss during shipment?

A. We do not take responsibility for loss of order during shipment.  Please contact the shipping company.


Q. How long is your warrenty?

A. Bungubox original fountain pens carry a one year warrenty.


Q. What should I do if I get an error while placing an order?

A. Please contact us via e-mal at: info@bungubox.shop