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The importance of handwriting

"Writing" is a wonderful privilege unique to humans.
"Writing" is how we express ourselves.
"Writing" allows us to connect with others.
We firmly believe that "Writing" is something that enriches our lives.

Here at BUNGUBOX, it is our goal to enrich people's lives by providing products to bring even more joy to the act of "Writing".

Simple, Unique, and Special

What we value in the products we make are
That it is simple.
That it is something that has never been seen before.
That it always has a story.


We will continue to value these principles.

Our Store

We are located in Jimbo-cho, known as the "Quartier latin of Tokyo."
We have a welcoming environment where you can freely try all of our products.
We have two writing bureaus for your try our inks and pens.
Please drop by our store to enjoy this comfortable space.

Store hours & location
  • Original Fountain Pens

    Limited edition fountain pens designed by BUNGUBOX

  • Original Inks

    BUNGUBOX inks in our originally designed heel shaped bottles

  • Wajima Makie Fountain Pens

    Hand painted products by our very own artist

  • Glass Dip Pens

    Works of art in your hand

  • Cotton Pen Rolls

    Give your precious pens the ultimate protection

  • BUNGUBOX Original Products

    Pen cases and paper products designed by BUNGUBOX