【This campaign was extended!】Free initialing campaign for Wajima maki-e!(4/18~5/31)

This campaign was extended until May 31st! (5/13)
Thank you for your patronage of BUNGUBOX.
We are pleased to announce a limited-time campaign offering free initial painting with Wajima Maki-e!
The Wajima maki-e series is one of BUNGUBOX's most popular original products.
While we previously charged a fee for this personalization service, we are now offering it for free on BUNGUBOX original fountain pens only.
Having an original limited edition fountain pen is special, but with your initials in Wajima Maki-e personalization, it becomes truly one of a kind!
Please check the details below and get your own unique pen.

[Period]  For orders placed from April 18 ~ May 31, 2024.

The Maki-e name painting is by Mr. Takuya Hino, who is recovering from the January 2024 Noto Peninsula earthquake.


[Products for the campaign]  Original fountain pens priced at 40,000 yen or more.

*SCHONDSGN x Bungubox "Magic Hour" is unavailable.


[Text]  Up to 4 characters, including two dots for initials. 

(e.g.) "Taro Bungu" → "T.B." 

The font will be specified, and the color will match the pen's clip.

*If the user is left-handed, the personalization is moved to the opposite side. Please email us.


[Font sample]


[Delivery] The estimated delivery time is about one month from the order date. 

However, delays may occur if there is a rush of orders.

Please be aware if you need the pen urgently for a gift.


We look forward to crafting your personalized piece of art.