Temporary halt on the sale of the Thumbelina fountain pen

Dear valued BUNGUBOX customers,

The "Thumbelina" pen was a creation inspired by the delicate hues of a tulip flower, combining pale pink and cream white. We intended to further evoke the elegance and grace of the tulip by using pearlescent resin for both the cap and the barrel.

Unfortunately, the finished product delivered to us was a cream-colored barrel containing fine glitter, not fine pearlescent material.

Our choice of pearlescent material was deliberate. We envisioned a harmonious interplay—the soft purple luminescence of the pink barrel, complemented by the golden glow of the cream body. The choice of a gold-plated nib and matching furniture was also intentional, to complement the golden shine of the pearlescent body.

We understand that the distinction may seem subtle, but we hope the following photos demonstrate the difference.  The material on the left has glitter, and the material on the right is the pearlescent material we had originally requested.

While the cream resin with glitter is beautiful in its own way, it does not align with our original design intention. As a result, we have decided to rectify this situation.

We have contacted our manufacturer and requested that they re-deliver the barrels using the correct material. We understand that this process will take some time, but it is essential to us that we deliver the product as originally intended.

Update as of 5/13/2024: We have sold out of the initial lot of the Thumbelina pen.  We will be receiving our second lot shortly, and these will have the proper pearlescent barrel, not the glitter infused body.  As such, we will no longer be sending both barrels, but only the pearlescent barrel.


Kaoru Yamagishi, President of BUNGUBOX