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BUNGUBOX x SAILOR Wajima Maki-e "Cloud Dragon"

BUNGUBOX x SAILOR Wajima Maki-e "Cloud Dragon"

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※We are temporarily halting new orders while our artist catches up on his backlog.  Please check again in early July when we hope to be resuming orders.


 2024 is the year of the dragon!

To welcome the new year, we have taken the popular Sailor Profit Lite and drawn an auspicious dragon, the Chinese zodiac sign for 2024, using the Wajima Makie technique.

When you think of a "Dragon", you imagine a brave figure soaring vigorously towards the sky, typically holding a jewel known as the "Nyoibo-shoju" (dragon ball) in its hand.

This jewel is said to have the power to grant all wishes.

We hope that 2024 will be like this dragon, and that our fortunes will also rise!
We hope that our fortunes in 2024 will rise just like this dragon!

The dragon drawn on the cap of this Sailor Profit Lite is called a "Cloud Dragon", soaring vigorously through the clouds while clutching a precious "Nyoibo-shoju" (dragon ball) in its claws. 

It is a dynamic and powerful image of the dragon flying through the vast sky!

We would love for you to have this auspicious pen in your hand for the New Year of 2024.


This item is production-to-order. Delivery time may take up to two months.  We will ship in order as soon as they arrive.


[Product Details]

Base model: SAILOR Profit Light (1911 Light)
Nib: 14K, Medium size
Filling Mechanism: Converter/Cartridge
Cap and Barrels Material: PMMA resin
Trim: Gold IP
Size: φ17 x 135mm(including clip)
Weight: 16.8g
Accessories: Sailor Black Cartridge, Warranty  *Converter is not included.

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