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Ink tells more BUNGUBOX "Thumbelina"

Ink tells more BUNGUBOX "Thumbelina"

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Thumbelina is a little girl
about the size of a thumb,
born from a tulip flower.
Inspired by her kind-hearted
spirit that is not broken by hardships,
we have created a similarly gentle, yet strong, pink ink.
Please use this ink to share your own kind messages.
As we welcome the season of new greens.

Please take out a small amount of ink and glitter at a time and mix them together in a separate container.
Please shake the ink well before use to make sure the glitter has not sunk to the bottom of the bottle.
We advise against using the mixed ink in a fountain pen. Please use glass pens, dip pens, brushes, or writing instruments that are easy to clean.
This glitter can be used with either water-based dye inks or pigment inks. There may be times when the original color of the ink may change once the glitter is mixed in. We advise you against mixing the glitter in the original ink bottle until you are happy with the results.

[Specifications] 30 ml of water-based dye ink in a heel shaped bottle [Package] Original package / Ink tells more white pearl varnish finish, gold foil stamping [Included in Package] Instructions (Japanese and English) are included in the package
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