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Ink tells more "Tears of Alice"

Ink tells more "Tears of Alice"

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In Alice in Wonderland, there is a scene where Alice drinks a magic potion and becomes huge, and the tears she sheds engulfs her like an ocean. The color of this ink is inspired by the tears that Alice shed at that time. This ink was originally created to complement the 2019 Tokyo International Pen Show exclusive fountain pen, The Magic of Alice. We are re-releasing this ink in a limited quantity along with The Magic of Alice fountain pen.

We are now offering the option to add "Gold Drop", "Silver Drop", or "Crystal Drop" glitter additions to your purchase of BUNGUBOX original inks!
Enjoy the creation of your very own glitter ink by adding these glitter drops to your favorite BUNGUBOX inks.  
  • Please take out a small amount of ink and glitter at a time and mix them together in a separate container.
  • Please shake the ink well before use to make sure the glitter has not sunk to the bottom of the bottle.
  • We advise against using the mixed ink in a fountain pen.  Please use glass pens, dip pens, brushes, or writing instruments that are easy to clean.
  • This glitter can be used with either water-based dye inks or pigment inks. There may be times when the original color of the ink may change once the glitter is mixed in.  We advise you against mixing the glitter in the original ink bottle until you are happy with the results.



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