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Synchronicity GlassArt × BUNGUBOX Glass Pen "Harvest Moon"

Synchronicity GlassArt × BUNGUBOX Glass Pen "Harvest Moon"

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Harvest Moon

In the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, it is said that Princess Kaguya returned to the moon on the night of a beautiful Harvest Moon.
This glass pen was made to represent this Harvest Moon she returned to.
It has a deep blue body of the night, topped with a shining yellow moon.
You can see the beautiful gradation of the night gradually becoming lighter as it blends with the brightness of the beautiful moon.
This is a collaboration between
 Synchronicity Glass Art and BUNGUBOX🌕
Length: approx. 142mm
Diameter: (max) 120mm
Weight: 29g
The end of the pen contains a rainbow opal.
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