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Nib Customization "Kodachi"

Nib Customization "Kodachi"

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We are pleased to announce that BUNGUBOX can offer nib customization to the special nib "Kodachi" for purchaser of our original fountain pens.

< What is "Kodachi" nib >

"Kodachi" is the special nib grinding by Yukio Nagahara.
Mr. Nagahara has been a pen doctor at Sailor for many years and a specialist of pen adjustment.

The Kodachi nib is very close to Sailor's special nib, "Naginata-togi," and the width of each nib is the same as Naginata.

The Kodachi grinding form is vertically long. With that shape, the ground surface of the pen point is larger than regular nibs.

This unique nib allows you to write finer when the pen is held upright.

Also, broader characters can be written when the pen angle is laid down, and horizontal lines become broader.

Please choose the original nib from M, B, or Z.



・The Kodachi customization grinds the pen point, and it becomes narrower width than the original nib:

 ・(Z) to Kodachi (NF), (NM), (NB)
 ・(B) to Kodachi (NF), (NM)
 ・(M) to Kodachi (NF)

・The delivery time will be 1~2 months.



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