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[BUNGUBOX] Original Pen Sleeve "BB Pueblo #2"

[BUNGUBOX] Original Pen Sleeve "BB Pueblo #2"

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We have created a pen sleeve using high quality Italian Pueblo leather. What makes this leather so unique is that it ages nicely over the years without any special maintenance.  We would recommend it to people for whom this may be your first pen sleeve! 
The inside is lined with fabric suede to gently protecting your fountain pen.  It is a simple and elegant design. 
The sleeve has an inner sack to keep two pens apart, protecting them from rubs and scratches.
Size: 165 x 68mm (at the opening)
Material: Italian Pueblo leather, fabric suede
Engraving: BUNGUBOX
Largest pen size supported: 15mm width, 145mm length, approximately the size of a Pelikan M800
Accessories: a sleeve case

[Characteristics of Pueblo Leather]

Pueblo leather, one of the finest Italian leathers, is made using the Vachetta method by the world-famous Badalassi Carlo tannery in Tuscany, Italy.

The leather is tanned using vegetable tannin without using any chemicals, and the oil is slowly soaked into the leather over a longer period of time than normal leather.
While the surface of the leather is processed to make it velvety and a little rough, both its color and glossiness increase over time.  The oil from your hands also adds to the gloss, giving it more character over time.

This product is made of natural leather, and requires the following precautions when using:
  • Natural leather does not handle moisture well.  If exposed to water, it may stain or deform the product.  Also, with excessive friction or extended exposure to sun, there may be slight discoloration.
  • Please do not scratch with your nails or with sharp objects.
  • If it loses its luster, please rub with a small amount of ph-neutral cream, followed by a dry cloth.
  • The best maintenance is regular and use with your own hands.
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