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BUNGUBOX Wajima Maki-e "Petals Falling on Koi"

BUNGUBOX Wajima Maki-e "Petals Falling on Koi"

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Koi (carp) playing with cherry petals falling on the water's surface is depicted.

The carp in the pond seem to be happy and excited to see the beautiful petals falling.

Please enjoy the beautiful feast of falling petals and carp.


This item is production-to-order. The delivery time will be two months. We will ship in order as soon as they arrive.


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Nib: 14K, Medium size
Filling Mechanism: Converter/Cartridge
Cap and Barrels Material: PMMA resin
Trim: Gold IP
Size: φ17 x 135mm(including clip)
Weight: 16.8g
Base model: SAILOR Profit Light

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