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Synchronicity Glass Art × BUNGUBOX Glass Pen "Sakura Mochi"

Synchronicity Glass Art × BUNGUBOX Glass Pen "Sakura Mochi"

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"Sakura Mochi" Glass Pen by
Synchronicity Glass Art x BUNGUBOX

As the name suggests, this glass pen is based on the image of a "Sakura Mochi", a cherry blossom rice cake wrapped in salted cherry leaves!

The green accent represents the salted cherry blossom leaves, with the shaft representing the cherry blossom-colored crepe dough.

The center of the pen shines with an opal that looks like white mochi tucked away in the beanpaste!

How quaint would it be to gaze at the beautiful cherry blossoms and eat a tasty mochi-cake, while writing a spring poem with this "Sakura Mochi" pen

We hope you enjoy a cherry blossom-filled spring!
※This is a made-to-order product. The artist will make tham after the orders are received, and shipment will be made after they are delivered by the artist.
Synchronicity Glass Art, created by Ryu Ota, a pioneer of Pyrex glass art in Japan, is a glass pen that can be considered a piece of glass art.
One of the charms of Synchronicity Glass Art is the richness of color and the beauty of the basic colors used in colored glass and other materials.
The "Swell Dual Wave" is a unique glass pen with a swell body that is processed to allow writing on both sides of the pen, one side with a fine line and the other with a very thick line.
The beautiful wavy pattern of the body is satisfying just by looking at it, but the writing surface is also made to be non-slip and easy to grip, and the pen is wonderfully smooth to write with.
This is a luxurious pen that allows you to enjoy two different character widths with one pen.
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