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Thumbelina Fountain Pen

Thumbelina Fountain Pen

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The initial stock of this product has been sold out. The next restock will be on May 18.  The next round of stock will only contain the proper pearlescent barrel.  Please click here for details about the barrel saga.


Thumbelina Fountain Pen

Thumbelina is a little girl about the size of a thumb, born from a tulip flower.
The poor thing is so small that she gets kidnapped, abandoned,and almost forced into an unwanted marriage. 
Despite these hardships, she continues to have a kind heart,saving a dying swallow and riding its back to the beautiful "Flower Kingdom"!
It's a fairytale where she eventually marries the prince of that kingdom and lives happily ever after.
As we approach the warm season, we've turned this story into a cute fountain pen.
May a swallow come to you too…
As we welcome the season of new greens.      



The sale of this product was temporarily halted due to an error by our manufacturer where they delivered the pens with a glitter infused barrel instead of a pearlescent barrel.  We have requested the manufacturer to redeliver the barrels based on the original product specification.  We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.



[Product Details]

Base model: Sailor ProGear Slim Mini
Nib: 14k, bare gold finish EF/F/MF/M/B/Z/MS
Section: Gold plated brass.  Low center of gravity.
Size: approx.109.5mm(capped)/approx.132mm(posted)
Diameter: approx.17mmφ(including clip)
Weight: approx 24g
Filling mechanism: Converter/cartridge. Converter included.
Nib engraving: Laser engraving of a tulip
Cap ring engraving: 🌷 Thumbelina 🌷 BUNGUBOX 
Furniture: Gold plated
Cap material: Pink pearlescent resin
Barrel material: Cream colored pearlescent resin

* Regarding the pearlescent resin
This material contains pearlescent swirls that are distributed unevenly throughout the resin. We chose this material to represent the veins of the petals of the tulip.  We hope you can appreciate this as the unique quality of the material that we chose specifically to match the story behind this pen.  As it is the nature of the material, the placement of the swirls cannot be treated as a product defect.  You may return the pen within 10 days of receipt if the patterns are not to your liking, but you will be responsible for the return shipping fees.  Thank you for your understanding.

Finial: Rainbow foil of a sparrow
Included in package: Product explanation, warrenty, blueblack ink cartridge x2, converter.

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