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yurie pure silk pen roll for 6, "Yozakura" (Dark Blue)

yurie pure silk pen roll for 6, "Yozakura" (Dark Blue)

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yurie pure silk pen roll for 6 pens

Cherry Blossom Series
(Dark Blue)

Yozakura refers to cherry blossoms that bloom at night.

It represents cherry blossoms in the deep night, with blue foil woven into the flower patterns of a black thread material. It is a fascinating contrast of the cherry blossoms floating in the dark night sky.

The luster of the pure silk weaves differs depending on the angle and how the light reflects off of it.

The clasp ball is made of Wajima lacquer, and the comfortable touch and beauty of the Nishijin weave are a true stand out.

※It can hold fountain pens with thicker shafts such as Pelikan M800 and Montblanc 146.

※The price has increased due to the rising cost of the fabric.

⦅Product details⦆
Material: 100% pure silk, Nishijin weave 
  Pattern color: Yozakura
  Cord / Braided cord 
Clasp (ball): Wajima lacquerware
Size: length: approx. 170 mm, width: approx. 220 mm
Weight: approx. 38 g
Box: Red and white cased box, noshi paper with plum knot mizuhiki

*The delivery will be 1~2 months.

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