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TACT Straight Nib Holder by yurie

TACT Straight Nib Holder by yurie

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Original Wajima-nuri nib holder "TACT" series
The unique beauty of "TACT" is created by a special thick coating technique, which is inherited by only a few craftsmen in the Wajima-nuri process that uses real lacquer. Please enjoy the wonderful tactile feeling, comfort of use, and unparalleled color and luster produced by the traditional technique.
Since genuine lacquer is used, the color gradually changes in response to light, especially the lighter colors.

Please be sure to read the following instructions for use and handling.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, heaters, and steam, which may cause discoloration.
  • There is a possibility of getting a rash from lacquer depending on your constitution.
  • If symptoms such as a rash appear, consult a physician immediately and follow his/her instructions.
  • If the product is dropped or subjected to strong impact, it may be damaged or cracked.
  • Wipe with a soft cotton cloth for cleaning.

<<Product Specifications>>
Wooden pen holder produced in Japan.
Wajima Hon-Urushi lacquer, special thick coating finish.
The shaft is handmade by a woodworker, so the shape of the shaft end varies.
Pen nibs are sold separately.
Length: approx. 170mm
Weight: approx. 8g
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