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[BUNGUBOX × KAWECO] Original Fountain Pen "The Little Witch"

[BUNGUBOX × KAWECO] Original Fountain Pen "The Little Witch"

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BUNGUBOX × KAWECO "The Little Witch"

"Walpurgis Night" is an ancient German festival for witches.

It is said that every year, from the night of April 30th to the dawn of May 1st, witches gather to feast and wait for the coming of spring.
Only the "big witches" are invited.

The "little witch" is the inexperienced one who sneaks into the party.
She is challenged to memorize 7,892 spells to become a "good witch."

The pen used to write down the spells is...

"The Little Witch" is small but has the power of a witch.
Use it to memorize 7,892 spells before next year's Walpurgis Night!


This fountain pen is an original BUNGUBOX pen made by KAWECO in Germany.

Inspired by the popular "Ink of the Witch" ink, the body color is reddish-purple, as close to black as possible, and the finial and nib are black, making this a cool and cute pen!

The packaging sleeve and can case are also designed for the pen.

Please choose your favorite nib size from 5 widths from EF to BB!

See you at the next Valpurgis on the evening of April 30th...


* Maki-e personalization is unavailable

*We use TAKUMIARMORY products for the magic circle in the background of the product.


[Base Model] Kaweco AL Sport
[Nib] Steel
[Width] EF / F / M / B / BB
[Nib and Finial color] Black

[Included in Packaging] Kaweco Genuine Converter / Ink Cartridge: Kaweco's Royal Blue x1 / Instruction / Warranty
[Price] 20,000 yen (excluding tax)

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