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yurie × BUNGUBOX  The "Enchanted Forest" pen case

yurie × BUNGUBOX  The "Enchanted Forest" pen case

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yurie × BUNGUBOX

The "Enchanted Forest" pen case


We have found a perfect match for our popular
"The Little Witch" fountain pen.

This is a creation by the artist "yurie" who is known for her hand-sewn natural silk (Shoken) pen cases✨

She has created this case specifically as a BUNGUBOX original❣️

The term "正絹" (shōken) in Japanese refers to pure silk produced from the cocoons created by silkworms. This material is often used in high-quality kimonos, providing a refined sheen and a fine, superior touch.

It reflects a different color depending on the angle of the light, as if it is some kind of magic!

This fabric is woven by a textile shop in Kyoto using the Nishijin-ori method, and the tailoring is also wonderful.

The cord used to wrap the pen case is also a traditional Japanese 'Kumihimo' (braided cord)、with two cute balls at the end💓

Its pattern is called 'Yusoku Monyou,' which has been used by the aristocratic class in Japan since the Heian period (late 8th century to end of 12th century) when the court culture flourished.

It is a pattern with a long history, originating in the ancient Orient. Over a long period, it was influenced by various regions and ethnic groups, gradually changing its form and spreading to various parts of the world.

Many of the motifs are from nature, depicting plants, flowers, insects, and birds.

This pen case is decorated with flowers and plants as if inviting you to a magical forest.

Please welcome it as a home for the Witch fountain pen or other short-sized fountain pens (^^).

※ Please note that each case is handmade; delivery will take about 1 to 2 months after placing an order.

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Material: Nishijin-ori 100% pure silk
Size: H.120mm x W.105mm
Weight: Approx. 17g

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