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TWSBI ECO Wajima Maki-e "Zodiac Dragon"

TWSBI ECO Wajima Maki-e "Zodiac Dragon"

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 2024 is the year of the dragon

When we think of a dragon, we imagine a mighty figure vigorously ascending into the sky, typically holding a jewel called "如意宝珠", or simply, the "dragon ball."  This jewel is said to have the power to fulfill all wishes.

It is our wish to all of you that your fortunes in 2024 will ascend just like dragon!

Our 2024 New Years TWSBI ECO features a large mother-of-pearl dragon ball held by the mighty dragon drawn on the cap.

The barrel depicts a water surface with splashing waves, as if the dragon is leaping out of the water and flying around the vast sky. Isn't it dynamic and wonderful?

It's a pen we'd love for you to have in your hands as you welcome in the New Year!

We have begun a tradition of relesing a Chinese Zodiac pen at the beginning of every year.  Why not aim to collect all 12 over the years♪


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Nib: Steel nib: EF, F, M,B, Stub1.1

Size: approx. 140mm(capped)/170㎜(posted)
Weight: approx. 20g

Filling system: Piston filler

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