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BUNGUBOX x SAILOR Wajima Maki-e "Goldfish"

BUNGUBOX x SAILOR Wajima Maki-e "Goldfish"

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This item is production-to-order. The delivery time will be two months. We will ship in order as soon as they arrive.


We offer Nagahara grinds on any BUNGUBOX original fountain pens. Specifically, the "Kodachi'' grind!

< What is the "Kodachi" grind? >
"Kodachi(小太刀)" is a specialty of the Nib Shaper, Mr. Yukio Nagahara.
Mr. Nagahara is a world-renowned nib grinder who spent much of his career as Sailor's chief pen doctor.

The Kodachi is Mr. Nagahara's interpretation of Sailor's Naginata grind. It allows one to produce a line variation depending on the angle held.
To request a Kodachi grind, click the box at the top of this product page, and specify the base nib size.  The pen with the specified nib will be sent to Mr. Nagahara to be ground into a Kodachi. To bring out the best of this grind, we recommend choosing from an M, B, or Zoom nib. While other nib sizes can be selected, you may not be satisfied with the results.

< Other factors to consider >
* It is not possible to specify a wider grind than the original nib size.
* The nibs will be ground after we receive the order. Product delivery is expected to happen 1 to 2 months after the order.
* Please understand that the warranty on the nib will be handled by Mr. Nagahara. This means:
- Any product defects on the nib will be handled by Mr. Nagahara and not BUNGUBOX. If the product needs to be shipped back for additional work, please correspond with Mr. Nagahara to arrange the details.
- While the grind will be made on the nib that may have a BUNGUBOX engraving, there is a rare chance that the nib has to be completely replaced, upon which a standard Sailor nib will be used.


[Product Details]

Base model: SAILOR Profit Light (1911 Light)
Nib: 14K, Medium size
Filling Mechanism: Converter/Cartridge
Cap and Barrels Material: PMMA resin
Trim: Gold IP
Size: φ17 x 135mm(including clip)
Weight: 16.8g
Accessories: Sailor Black Cartridge, Warranty  *Converter is not included.

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