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Ink tells more "Magic Hour" 3 colors set

Ink tells more "Magic Hour" 3 colors set

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This November of 2021, we are adding three new pigmented inks to our existing original lineup of dye based inks.

These inks use water-based pigmented inks that have vibrant beautiful colors, are resistant to clogging, and once dry, are water and light resistant.

Not only are they functional, but they are based on a wonderful concept! The colors we chose out of BUNGUBOX’s wide lineup of colors are:

First Love - BUNGUBOX's best-selling blue ink.

Sunset of Omaezaki - the very first red-ish ink that was released by BUNGUBOX

Music Black - a popular black ink of ours that was produced in honor of our town of origin, Hamamatsu, that is best known for having the headquarters of a world famous piano company.


Each color is beautiful on its own, but together, they make up the “Magic Hour

"Magic Hour" refers to the few minutes at dawn and dusk when the sun is right below the horizon and the sky turns into a dramatic mix of deep blue and a vibrant orange, with the silhouette of the landscape still pitch black.

You can create your very own “Magic Hour” by combining the three colors we are releasing here.  But what is special about *our* magic hour is that because they are pigmented inks, they will last forever!

To highlight this special characteristic of these inks, we are calling them the Eternal Series --

“Eternal First Love”

“Eternal Sunset”

“Eternal Music”

We hope many people will be drawn to the idea of being able to capture something fleeting, and save it for eternity with these inks.

We are happy to announce the release of the “Magic Hour Set” of inks!

[Product Details]

Three bottle set price: Magic Hour Set 10,000 yen (tax included price for shipments within Japan)  

Individual color price: 4,000 yen (tax included price for shipments within Japan)  

Included in packaging: Instruction manual (Japanese and English) , Original packaging.

Capacity: 30ml in original heel shape bottle x 3

Original ZIPPO type black box (black pearl varnish finish and gold leaf stamp)

Ink ingredient : Water-based pigment

Sold by : BUNGUBOX Co. Ltd.

Manufactured by: Turner Colour Works LTD.

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