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Snow White

Snow White

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Snow White

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
who is the fairest of them all?

That is...

The woman with skin that is white as snow,
whose cheeks and lips are red as blood,
whose hair is a black as ebony...
Snow White.

Jealous of her beauty, her stepmother disguises herself as an old witch and hands her a poisoned apple.

When Snow White takes a bite out of that apple...

We have taken this famous fairytale by the Brothers Grimm and turned it into a fountain pen.

Take a close look at the finial and the nib engraving.  What kind of ending will you give this story...? 


※ Here at BUNGUBOX,  we offer the option to grind any originally designed fountain pen with The Nib Shaper Mr. Yukio Nagahara`s Kodachi nib for an extra charge.  The Kodachi nib enables fine down strokes and broad side strokes, similar to the Naginata grind.  If you are interested in this grind, we highly encourage you to purchase an M, B, or Z nib to start with.
Other points of caution:
  • Please understand we cannot grind a nib to a size larger than the original width
  • The Kodachi grind will add an extra 1 - 2 months to the delivery time.
  • All warranties on the nib after the grind will be Mr. Nagahara's responsibility.  We will have you interact with Mr. Nagahara directly for any issues.
  • In the rare case that a nib repair requires a full nib replacement, Mr. Nagahara will not be able to offer the same engraved nib.  He will inform you beforehand if that is necessary.


<Product Details>

Base model: Sailor Professional Gear Slim Mini
Nib: 14k gold chrome plated nib. EF/F/MF/M/B/Z/MS
Section: low center of gravity brass section
Size: Length approx. 125mm capped, approx. 144mm posted.  Cap circumference approx. 
13mmφ w/o clip, approx. 15mmφ including clip.  Weight approx. 24g.
Filling mechanism: Cartridge/converter
Engraving: The nib - an apple with a bite.  The cap ring: "SNOW WHITE"
Furniture: Chrome plated
Cap Material: Partially opaque white with coarse silver glitter
Barrel Material:  Milky white resin with extra fine glitter
Finial: A raden apple coated in urushi

Included accessories: Sailor converter x 1, blue black ink cartridges x 2, product warranty. 


Price: EF~B 46,200 JPY, inc. domestic tax, Z・MS 48,400 JPY, inc. domestic tax.




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