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[TWSBI] ECO Maki-e Summer Traditions of Japan series "Goldfish"

[TWSBI] ECO Maki-e Summer Traditions of Japan series "Goldfish"

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TWSBI ECO Summer Traditions of Japan series
"Goldfish"  (Clear)
A popular summer design in Japan is a fishbowl filled with goldfish.
Once again, we have beautiful goldfish swimming in the clear cap and body of a TWSBI ECO. It is its very own fishbowl!
Please give these goldfish some cool blue ink to swim in (^^)
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The TWSBI ECO uses a piston filling mechanism, which allows for a large ink capacity and is well suited for long writing sessions.  The steel nibs are smooth and offer a nice writing experience.

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Nib: Steel EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1
Size: approx. 140mm capped, 170mm posted
Weight: approx. 20g
Filling mechanism: Piston filler
Adornment: Maki-e by artist Takuma Niho


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