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Yaching Style × BUNGUBOX “Tears of Alice” stabilized wood mini glass pen

Yaching Style × BUNGUBOX “Tears of Alice” stabilized wood mini glass pen

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「 Tears of Alice 」

Stabilizedwood glass pen

The BUNGUBOX original ink "Tears of Alice" is a beautiful blue-green ink based on the tears she shed during her adventures.We have taken this color and fused it with wood from the wonderland forest to create a beautiful miniature glass pen.See what kind of adventure this pen will take you on...

Another unique feature of this pen is that it supports an ink converter to be used just like a regular fountain pen.

You can fill the converter by dipping the glass nib in a bottle of ink or fill the cartridge with a cyringe directly.

And don't forget to pair it with its matching in, the “Tears of Alice”(^^)


※ Please do not remove the nib from the pen, as this may cause the pen to leak.

〈〈Product Details〉〉

About the Ya-Ching Style brand
Ya Ching Lai - a jewelry designer who has been collecting writing instruments for many years, when she learning English calligraphy, she found it was not convenient to carry a glasspen out ! Therefore, why not design a glasspen with converter which can be function as a fountain pen .
So she invested in research and development!
Originally, it was only to meeting her own needs, they were unexpectedly favored by the stationery lovers ! So she started to established the Yachingstyle brand!

Material : Stabilized wood
Stabilized wood, the material used for this mini glass pen, is a hybrid material of man-made and natural wood, where a special resin is infused into maple wood to improve its strength and prevent the natural expansion and contraction of the wood.Since the interior is filled with resin so that there is no room for moisture to penetrate, it has excellent water resistance and preservative properties, as well as excellent dimensional stability that prevents expansion, twisting, and cracking by humidity and temperature fluxuation.The same coloring can be enjoyed even after scratching or carving, as the wood is completely stained deep into the interior.The effect of the resin gives it a beautiful luster when polished in the final finish.

Filling mechanism:Converter filled (included in package)

Size: 130mm when capped

Weight : 19 mg

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